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Search Engine Optimisation

Keyword Research
Keyword research is the first stage in any website optimisation or search engine optimisation campaign.

It is paramount to the success of your website in attracting new customers that it gains top rankings, not just for the most popular but also the most relevant search terms.

Our research covers Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and other major search engines.

Invariably there are hundreds, sometimes thousands of search terms relevant to a website and the products and/or services that it offers. Keyword research narrows the list down to the most popular and the most relevant search terms to the website, which we will then base your campaign on.


Search Engine Optimisation Service
Search engine optimisation encompasses a number of skills and services which come together to provide all the required ingredients for a website to rank high on the major search engines and directories for a chosen search term or terms.

This includes:

  • keyword, competitor and market research
  • website optimisation, including on page factors and structure
  • directory submissions
  • link building, both one way and reciprocal
  • Pay-per-click Optimisation
  • management and reporting

We offer all the search engine optimisation services required to achieve high rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL and all the other major search engines and directories.

Website Optimization
No two website optimisation projects are the same and there are many factors which influence the level of optimization work required on an existing website. On looking at your existing website and running some tests we will be able to recommend the best cost-effective website promotion strategy.

If your website is new and in development this is the best time to consult us regarding website optimization as many important elements can be incorporated at the design stage.

How Much Will My SEO Campaign Cost?
Each website requires a different level of work and no two search engine optimization projects are the same as many factors influence the amount and type of work that is required both on-site and off-site. We have a variety of packages and services available to suit all budgets.

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Link Building
Link building is a major element in the success of your search engine optimisation project.

Good quality link building is not only essential in achieving the initial top search engine rankings, it effects the long term reputation and success of your website.

One link can be the death of a website!
Just one outbound link from your website to a 'bad neighbourhood' can be enough to get your website penalised by the major search engines. 'Bad neighbourhoods' are not as easy to spot as you might think, it can be as simple as linking to another legitimate company website who has innocently tripped a Spam filter and may not be aware that their site is being penalised.

Link Building Services
Our link building services are available on a monthly rolling basis and are a flexible and cost-effective route to promote your website. They are available seperately or in conjunction with our other SEO / web design services.

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Search Engine Optimisation Reports
SEO written reports offer in-depth advice on how to optimise and promote your website. Should you not have the skills in-house to make the necessary changes we will suggest the most cost effective solution for you.

The SEO report will be written specifically for your website and will contain detailed instructions on the following;-

  • current ranking report
  • structural and/or navigation changes required
  • suggestions for better copy layout and the
  • inclusion of target search terms
  • how to increase your link popularity
  • any other relevant information

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