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Viral Marketing and Social Networks

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a way of getting your customers to do your advertising for you! Viral promotions may be in the form of funny video clips, Flash games, images, or even text messages. Since the advent of Social Networking as a modern phenomenom, sites like Facebook and MySpace now offer integrated methods of spreading your messge in the form of 'apps' - which we can build for you to spread the word.

Your satisfied customer will tell an average of 3 people about a product or service they like, and 11 about something which they didn't. Viral marketing is based on this human behavioural model.

New Media Marketing


Do you need to contact 1000's of customers on a regular basis at virtually no cost? Then you need e-marketing solutions from Kintoweb. We are experienced in providing bulk-mail and newsletter solutions such as Tincan PHPList which avoid Spam traps and easily connect you to your customer base. We can set up solutions for you which are easily manageable via a web interface and enable you to contact 1000's of customers and potential customers with ease.

Advertising and Affiliate Marketing

We can set up your incoming or outgoing affiliate campaign with specialist portals such as emanage and/ or manage your affiliate campaign for you . See also Pay-Per-Click management. for details regarding Adwords, Adsense, Overture and Doubleclick strategies.