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Web Design Services

Kintoweb provide web site design and related services for SME companies and individuals throughout the UK and beyond. We are experienced in website optimisation and provide the ideal basis for bottom-up website design - incorporating optimisation techniques into the basic structure of a site. Our experienced programmers can provide E-commerce and advanced applications and interactivity in PHP, ASP and Flash; we have several different database solutions to choose from.

We provide the best support available, pre and post design, and our flexible approach means you can expect no-fuss, efficient service. We have a strict no-jargon policy and always try to suggest solutions which you may not have considered, whilst keeping true to your original goals. We will always try to predict what you will need in the future to stay competitive. We always have one eye on your competition and will make suggestions in content and approach where this might improve your online business model.

Our website design services

  • Website Design
  • Website re-design and update
  • Site/ Project Management
  • Database driven websites
  • Hosting and Domain Names
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Link Building
  • Marketing and pay-per-click management
  • Ecommerce/ online store integration
  • Flash elements and interactivity
  • Logo Design; Banner design
  • Graphic Design
  • PHP/ ASP applications and modules
  • Mailing list and bulk-mail solutions
  • Content Management Services


If you are interested in our website design services, please call 01273-841-657 to discuss or if you prefer you can fill in the quote form.
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Web Marketing/ Search Engine Optimization
It is vital that your website appears at least in the top 3 pages of the SERPS (Search engine results pages). All sites that we design (or optimize) perform well in search engines, Google in particular, as it accounts for 80% of searches on the internet. We also optimize specifically for MSN and Yahoo.

On-Page Design
This includes such elements as site  structure and naming conventions, keyword analysis and density matching,  document head tags, page structuring and copy screening. We  never employ coding which could put your site at risk of  penalization in the SERPS (Search  engine results pages), e.g. hidden  text.

Increasing your site popularity
As search  engines have become more  intelligent they have taken into account factors  other than the content of a website  when ranking it. It's vital, especially  for competitive search terms, to actively pursue links and recommendations to your website and  market the site across the Internet; the more sites  that link to you, the  higher your position in the search engines. This is  an ongoing task known as Link Building  and is a service that we can offer.

Post-Design Search Engine Optimization
Many web designers do not cover the basics in SEO when they provide their "finished product" to you, leaving you with a quality website which no one knows exists. That is why Kintoweb have become specialists in after-the-event optimisation and web marketing. We are able to  provide this service either as a plan-of-action report  for your current design team/ in-house staff  or as a bolt-on service.

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Content Management
Many websites need frequent or periodical changes to keep content fresh, for example adding news items, updating prices, and so on. Rather than ring your web designer every time you need an update or want to add new content, why not include a content management system in your site design - this will allow you to add new content with basic technical skills equivalent to Word.

Macromedia Contribute is a popular choice, or you may prefer to use Kintoweb's open-source custom management software. If you would like to know more about  this service please click here

Logos, graphic design, presentational and promotional material
Do you require artwork for promotional material, stationery, added web-impact? You have content which you would like professionally presented? As part of our web site design service we provide as standard all original formats of designs and templates which can be used as part of your wider business model. However, we can also provide these services, including style-boards and Brand presentation independently of any website project. Please contact us for further information.

Any other service that you think we  may be able to help with, that isn't listed above, is probably catered for so please  don't hesitate to contact us. Please use the  contact from for initial enquiries  where possible. We are also available by telephone. 01273-841-657

Application/ Database Driven Sites
Kintoweb provide  database design, PHP application design, Flash design and ASP coding to  enable a wide range of back-office  functions. If you have a specific data-based  project we can help with please contact us. Examples include debugging, design consultancy, e-commerce gateways, database design, etc. We support ASP and  PHP applications and most  database products.
If you have a  development for an  existing domain which you need to outsource such as  mailing solutions, shopping facilities, forums, chat, video, etc.  please contact us.