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Our clients are our reputation..
Kintoweb now based in Brighton, East Sussex, UK, provide web designers, coders, graphic artists and optmisation specialists to develop web assets for SME clients. Our friendly team have expertise in all areas and capacity to deliver ongoing service and support to major clients in the UK and beyond. If you would like to see for yourself how easy and flexible we are to work with why not give our team a ring for a casual chat about your needs on 0 1273 841 657

We believe in simplicity and that style speaks for itself. The world wide web always has been primarily a medium for communicating information and this is what we specialise in. Of course the internet is constantly expanging in scope and capability, enabling us to do clever and entertaining designs and to use more advanced forms of presentation, but we never forget our 'roots' and discard the importance of navagability, usefulness, user-friendliness at aour peril (In fact we do not discard them at all but build on them).

Kintoweb approach the internet from a business perspective and not from a technology viewpoint - to us the internet is merely the enabler to business success.

We understand that the needs of small and medium sized businesses is different to those of large corporate and global companies.

We want to deveop long term relationships with our customers; your success is our success – in fact it is our reputation.

We are a UK company that provides cost effective solutions that really work and keep on working to increase your revenues and profits.

Design Principles
Attractive, crisp and comforting web site design for your audience

Compelling copy that speaks to your customers, understands what they want and calls to action

Principles of web accessibility that ensures your web site is accessible to the widest audience possible

Effective search engine marketing strategy that brings targeted traffic to your site

Our Approach
Our approach will help you establish a clear initial brief for your website and a longer term strategy for its development. Once the marketing strategy is decided then it is much easier for us to use our specific technical and creative skills to fulfil a clear marketing objective.

Before we do anything we consider:

The competition.
We will evaluate your competitor's sites in order that we can bench mark your site against theirs.

Why you want a Web site, want to redevelop your site
Your first real Web site work should be a statement of aims. This might initially emerge as a marketing strategy document which reviews existing marketing collateral and sales techniques for your products or may be a longer term vision of how you want to use web technologies in your dealings with clients.

Working methodology

Once we've agreed the site map it can then be used to produce a list of tasks. We can then give you an overview of what's involved. The perfect site requires a great deal of resources and time. It is therefore important to identify the priorities and seperate the 'must have' features from the 'nice to have' features. This will help you set realistic initial objectives or plan the site to grow over a year or two.

You might well change the plan in the light of the experience and advice we give you - after all, that's what we're here for. We are of course more than happy to work with your in-house team and blend their expertise with ours.