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Dynamic Application Design and interactive Websites
Data driven web designs are largely accomplished through PHP/ MySQL,, solutions. Using these technologies we can provide websites that allow SME's to compete with the largest companies. At the heart of any useful website is knowledge. Knowledge must be up to date and accessible and the best method of storing a this is in a database. We are experts in database technology used in solutions from storing a single element of news to accessing 100's of thousands of elements.

We can apply databases to any situation -

  • product information storage/ delivery
  • ordering process
  • online shop
  • payments
  • customer information
  • member's areas
  • mail shots
  • intranet administration

    Examples of applications that can be ASP/ PHP driven:

  • forums
  • galleries
  • chat
  • shopping carts
  • booking/ reservation systems

    Your website can be completely driven by either technology, allowing easy updates to content and the simplified generation of 1000's pages with less work.

    ASP or PHP?

    Although ASP can be run on Linux, it is still generally a Microsoft product and as such you will incur Various license costs that are avoided with the use of PHP which is open source software. The abundance of open source PHP applications also simplifies the design process significantly and cuts costs.

    PHP code generally runs faster than ASP, as ASP relies on the COM model which rewquires more processor ovewrhead than PHP which runs in its own memory space.

    Future Proof?
    PHP is generally seen as the advancing technology over ASP and due ito its wide user base is expected to expand incrementally over coming years. While ASP has generally been seen as the choice for e-commerce applications, PHP development has caught up to the point now where it matches ASP reliability but has added flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

    We are able to code sites in either language but we generally recomend a PHP/ MySQL solution as a first alternative.